A Note on the Blog

The blog section of this website originated as part of the My Opera Community back in 2004. It remained there until mid-2013 when Opera announced that it was closing the community. Fortunately they allowed four months for migration, and provided some reasonable download tools to assist.

In most cases the transfer was smooth, but in the earlier years of the blog there may be the occasional missing image, and there will certainly be some broken links up until around 2013 (I had hosted various albums on the My Opera site and they obviously have also gone).

The blog is very much a personal record of my photography (which kicked in in earnest around 2006). The transition from point and shoot to DSLRs should be fairly obvious, but some of my favourite photos are still the early ones; plus 2006 was probably the best year we’ve had for foxes.

So if you do decide to dive back into the past and see what was happening way back when, please tolerate the glitches, odd formatting and occasional experiment.

Words / Paul
December 2013