Garden Life (Time Lapse) #4

I think this is the fourth of the fortnightly time-lapse sequences. Lots of badgers in this one, plus several foxes (two of which unfortunately appear to be suffering from mange), plus assorted cats and birds. It’s difficult to intervene to help the foxes with the mange as I’ve not made any attempt to familiarize with any of the foxes this year, so they are naturally shy and elusive. To treat them, I need to get to know them and that’s not easy with cautious adults.

Anyway here’s the clip:

One photo from today. I have more, but I’ll post those tomorrow. Tonight it’s just a single sunset. A nice one though.

Sunset over Woodingdean

Camera note: sunset photo taken with the Canon 7D Mark II and EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II USM lens. Time-lapse from the Bushnell Trophy Cam HD, processed in Lightroom.

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