More 7D Mk II images

Another day testing out the new Canon 7D Mark II. I used the 400mm 5.6 lens for all of these shots, many of them with a 1.4 extender attached. Nice to have autofocus operating with that combination (something that wasn’t possible with the original 7D).


Coot – ISO 3200,
1/2500, f11, Lens EF400mm f/5.6L USM +1.4x III


Coot – ISO 1000
1/2500, f8.0, Lens EF400mm f/5.6L USM +1.4x III


Moorhen – ISO 3200
1/2500, f11, Lens EF400mm f/5.6L USM +1.4x III


Moorhen – ISO 1600
1/3200, f8.0, Lens EF400mm f/5.6L USM +1.4x III


Squirrel – ISO 1600
1/2500, f6.3, Lens EF400mm f/5.6L USM

Only very basic processing has been done. I’ve run them through the defaults on DPP 4.0 and added a little sharpening once they’ve been reduced for the web. One or two shots have been cropped a little.

The camera itself is very comfortable to use. I still need to sort out the best settings for how I work, but will spend a little more time doing that over the weekend. Today I just wanted to play with the new toys. 😀

I’ll write more about using the camera soon, though I have to say I miss having Lightroom for processing. DPP 4.0 is ok, but like all these things it takes time to get to know, whereas basic processing was second nature in Lightroom. No doubt an update will appear soon!

Camera note: all photos taken with the Canon 7D Mark II and EF 400mm f/5.6L USM lens. The Canon EF 1.4xIII extender was used where indicated.

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  1. Darko November 1, 2014 at 3:46 pm #

    Nice and clear!
    I checked about camera in our local dealers shops, 1900 CAD, way too much for me at the moment, but maybe if I win the lottery… 😛

    • Words November 1, 2014 at 11:01 pm #

      Darko, I’ve been waiting for about a year for it to appear so have had time to sort the cash. I would expect the price to come down in a while (they usually do).

  2. Andy November 1, 2014 at 9:52 pm #

    Looking good and 400mm+1.4extender, whew, you are going to have some reach!

    • Words November 1, 2014 at 11:03 pm #

      Andy, it saves walking 😉 400 x 1.4 = 560 x 1.6 (crop factor) = 896mm equivalent. Silly season. To be honest, that’s often too much.

  3. Guru November 3, 2014 at 12:14 pm #

    How is the AF performance with 1.4x attached to 400mm 5.6L? I guess you get only center point in manual mode? I already have Kenko 1.4x + 400mm 5.6L and 7D , but AF is bit non locking and i end up using MF. Wanted to know if gettig 7D mark II will make any thing better before i dive in with $1800


    • Words November 3, 2014 at 10:05 pm #

      Hi Guru, you are correct in thinking it works only with the centre point (plus the expanded corners), but AF works well with the extender. This is a real plus. I gave up using the 400mm + Kenko 1.4 + 7D combo. Just never functioned well. With the Mark 2, no problem. This is a real bonus. I plunged for the Canon extender at the same time to be on the safe side and it is definitely a combination that will get use. This was autofocused with the extender: