I'd more or less worked out what tonight's blog would be about, but the best laid plans…. I popped outside about half an hour ago. It's windy, but not too cold and I've lost track of the countless amount of time I've stood out there lately without a hint of a fox. And sure enough tonight started with one of the local cats setting off the trail camera. But then, surprise! A fox showed up. Not one of the shy ones, but Shutterbug looking very fine in his winter coat.

He didn't stay long, but long enough for a few quick photos, which I'm still sorting through. Here are a few to be going along with.

As for what I was going to post, here's a teaser. If tomorrow's quiet I'll post some more.

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Camera note: fox photos taken with the Canon 7D and EF 24-105 F4L IS USM lens. The cormorant was taken with the EF 400mm f/5.6L USM

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  1. Beautiful shots! Well worth the wait!

  2. Patience… and a snack :yes:

  3. Glad he's shown up again. Foxes really do make a nonsense of our understanding of animal territories. He's looking good :up:

  4. Erwin, thanks!

  5. Darko, of course! But he deserves it.

  6. Lois, thanks! I was beginning to wonder if they would show up at all. It has been quite a while.

  7. Adele, the current foxes are the shyest I can recall, which is also baffling to some extent. His coat has really filled out again, a complete transformation from the very raggedy shape he was in during the summer.

  8. wow, where on earth do you get a fox a day??? I've seen maybe one in my whole LIFE??!!! Got a pet??? lol! SO what is that in the water, duck?goose?cormorant? doesn't really look like ANY of them and all of them. I'm a city girl…..I know a dog if I see one.

  9. Kathy, we have lots of foxes round here. I don't always see them, but I take a lot of pictures when I do. Some years it really is every day, but it's been relatively quiet in 2011. And the bird is a cormorant.

  10. 😀

  11. aha, I actually kinda got something RIGHT for a change!!!! Cormorant! YAY !!! Anyway, if I want a fox a day, I'll just dial up your page and have a go at it!!!

  12. Beautiful shots

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