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Garden Flowers

Well the lockdown has given an excuse to potter in the garden, and there is certainly plenty out there to keep me occupied. There’s weeding to be done and shrubs to be cleared. That said, there are also lots of flowers to be photographed, which has given me the opportunity to develop this aspect of my photography. Most of these were taken with a macro lens, or the long end of my 100-400 zoom. And I got down low to take them, occasionally using a tripod and remote trigger for the very small close-up shots. They were all photographed in natural light.



I shot this in strong light, but deliberately under-exposed to kill the background. There was a small amount of tidying up needed in processing (stray leaves and bits of light on the ground), but less work than you might expect. It’s fairly typical of a lot of my photography, with the background providing a strong contrast to the subject.





Our ‘lawn’ is more like a meadow, part of the problem (or benefit) of being on the South Downs. I do like the buttercups and daisies though.

Herb Robert

Herb Robert

Herb Robert

Herb Robert

This tiny flower is Herb Robert, which has sprung up all over the place. It’s very pretty, but quite invasive, but it adds a nice splash of colour.

grape hyacinth and anenome

Grape hyacinth and anenome

These have also seeded themselves. The grape hyacinth is dying back now, but was everywhere in late March. Same with the anenomes, which have now faded.




Cornflower on textured background

The cornflowers are steadfastly appearing everywhere but the flower beds. They are pretty and I had a bit of fun with processing the second shot with a textured background for a more ‘artistic’ feel! Maybe a touch of lockdown fever got to me, but I’ve been learning a lot about processing during the past few weeks courtesy of Foto-Buzz, the photographic learning community run by Andrew James and Jon Adams.

The final shot for the moment is another plant that has ‘taken over’ – a very pretty cyclamen coum. And as with the first photo I’ve made use of the strong light and under-exposed to get the dark background.

cyclamen coum

Cyclamen Coum

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Saturday is Pretty Day (Fox Photo Special)

She’s been in and out of the garden all week, so it wasn’t a surprise when, late morning, we looked outside to see Pretty, the young fox, lurking in the garden. For the first few minutes she was cautious, running off into the hedge before slowly re-emerging, but gradually became more confident.

fox sitting

fox walking

fox scratching

fox yawning

fox resting

fox portrait

All told she spent several hours out there from late morning to mid-afternoon, and for much of the time we left her to her own devices. Apart from sleeping, she enjoyed herself digging for grubs in the lawn (term used loosely), rolling around and watching birds fly overhead.

I also shot some video from a window, but have yet to edit it. Photos are so much easier to manage, but I may put a couple of short clips together tomorrow.

Camera note: all shots taken with the Canon 7D and EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L USM IS lens.

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Pretty Fox (Photo Special)

It’s always difficult to know what goes through the mind of a fox. They can visit regularly for weeks and months on end, and then disappear (or in the case of our foxes, they become shy and hide away). Pretty was the boldest of the cubs, a very regular garden visitor throughout the summer until she vanished. Until this week that is. She’s decided to return to the garden and has been in and out for several days now, though behaving more cautiously than when she was a cub. This being the weekend, I finally managed to get some photos of her.

fox standing

Feeling bold at the front of the garden

Fox hiding behind shrub

Gone shy! Finding a temporary hiding place.

Fox on low wall

Posing on stone edging

Fox and apples

Tasting the apples.

Fox scratching

Enjoying a scratch

Fox grooming

A spot of grooming

Sitting fox

Sitting Pretty

Camera note: all shots taken with the Canon 7D. Lenses as follows: 1) EF 24-105 F4L IS USM; 2-5) EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L USM IS; 6-7) EF 200mm f/2.8L II USM.

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