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Rhythmajik is perhaps the most unusual book we published. Part dictionary, part magical primer, it constituted a complete practical guide to the rhythmic and magical uses of sound.

Based on the ancient qabalistic tradition where every letter has an equivalent numerical value, Z'EV translates the written word into sound patterns, and describes how these can be put to practical (i.e. magical) use.

Z'EV summons up the rhythms
As a qabalistic dictionary, it's extraordinary. Every number combination is indexed to a range of meanings. These can be combined to create complex sound patterns for use in healing rituals or other workings. It knocks Crowley's 777 into a cocked hat in terms of its richness and application. And because it's based on sound it can be applied irrespective of language. It removes the mystification of qabalistic systems at a stroke. You can even translate words to number to image via the dictionary, creating complex visual collage out of the symbolic references.

And it was a brute to typeset! Not only did it include graphics which took well over an hour per page to print (if they didn't crash the machine first), about 25% of the lettering in the book was manually converted to `small caps'. The book emerged into the light in 1992. I re-surfaced some months later.

Z'EV is an amazing live performer so do check him out if you get the chance. And although the book is out of print, Z'EV has recently launched his Rhythmajik site where the whole text can be obtained electronically.

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Rhythmajik / Z'EV
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