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Fox Gallery 2005

Fox Gallery #1

Welcome to the 2005 gallery pages. The 2005 photos are all taken on an Olympus 370 digital camera. I've cropped and re-lit some of them (quite a few are taken in very poor light), but they are all located in my back garden, so we're never more than a few feet away.

The first two images are the initial pictures of one of the cubs. It was incredibly shy at the time. As later photos will show, it's become rather more bold over time.

My favourite on this page is 'Fox Running'. I'm staggered that this is my photo of my garden!

And don't forget to check out the video pages.

2006 Gallery Pages

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cub zoomed

fox watching

fox peeking

Cub in landscape

Cub in close-up

Fox watching

Fox peeking

fox peeking again

fox feeding

fox feeding 2

fox running

Fox peeking again

Fox feeding

Fox feeding 2

Fox running

fox close up

fox at flower bed

fox face

fox hand feeding

Fox close up day

Fox at flower bed

Fox face

Fox hand feeding

fox at night

fox enters

fox surveying territory

fox circling

Fox close up night

Fox enters

Fox surveying

Fox circling

fox trot

fox face

fox on steps

fox walk on by

Fox trot

Fox face

Fox on steps

Fox walk on by

fox sitting

fox looking

fox and egg

fox at dusk

Fox sitting

Fox looking

Fox and egg

Fox at dusk

fox sitting

fox peeking

fox garden

fox poised

Fox sitting

Fox peeking

Fox garden

Fox poised

fox asking

fox peek-a-boo

Friendly fox


Fox asking

Fox peek-a-boo

Friendly fox


fox waiting

fox peek-a-boo 2

Leaping fox

fox watch

Fox waiting

Fox peek-a-boo 2

Leaping fox

Fox Watch

fox sitting

fox resting

fox resting

fox spotlit

Fox sitting

Fox resting

Fox resting 2

Fox spotlit

fox on path

fox yawning

fox and egg

fox lifts egg

Fox on path

Fox yawning

Fox with egg

Fox lifts egg

fox squash

fox stand

fox in mist

fox at bowl

Fox squash

Fox stand

Fox in mist

Fox at bowl

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