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Every once in a while I create a page that doesn't fit with the main themes of this site. Usually I just put a direct link somewhere else (often on a newsgroup or bulletin board, or occasionally within the News page). Seems silly to hide stuff like that, so this page has links to the waifs and strays that clutter my web-space, or which for some other reason I haven't linked up properly elsewhere.

Word of warning. Because these pages are - for the moment - as I originally loaded them up, they don't all have links back to the site so you'll have to use the back-button (or mouse gesture).

Opera on a Stick
Patti Smith at Brighton Photos from Patti Smith at the Brighton Dome, 16/8/05.

Patti Smith at Meltdown Photos from the last two nights of Patti Smith's amazing Meltdown festival, 2005. A few shots are there twice until I re-work the pages.

Fox Watch! Foxes have moved in to our garden. And here's a photo gallery.

Live photos of Headquarters, a great new band who have a hard-edged humour about them.

Review of David Bowie's Low album taken from Negative Reaction fanzine from 1977. I didn't write the review but I did take the photos of Ian Dury that appeared in the same (first) issue. Warning: large image files.

Gloria Mundi. This is a scan of some pages from the early punk fanzine Flicks. There's about half a meg here, so it will take a couple of minutes to download on dial-up. I'll add some more from Flicks as I get time.

Opera on a Stick, or actually a section of my blog in which I more or less explain what's going on behind the image at the top of this page.

Lou Reed live in London, 1979. This page over on Bettina's Lou Reed site features an extensive series of photos I took at Lou Reed's 1979 Hammersmith Odeon gigs. The last couple of shots are from earlier shows... about 2 years earlier I think. Anyway, here's a taster:

Lou Reed in London

Lou Reed in Scotland. Here's a few pix taken from Lou Reed's brief appearance at the Burns and a that festival in May 2005. Yes this site goes contemporary! The originals were a tad on the dark side, so a little bit of editorial licence has been taken with the lighting. Lou Reed in Scotland 2005
More Lou Stuff at www.loureed.nl/.

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