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Photography Index Page

Photography Index Page

This page contains links to all the main photography pages up until around 2012. New galleries from then on are on the new photographic site.

Photos from mid-August 2008-February 2011 were taken with the Canon EOS 40D. I switched to the Canon 7D in 2011. Photos taken in the earlier part of 2008, and the 2007 photos, are taken with a Canon EOS 400D. The 2006 photos are taken with a Canon S2 IS. The 2005 photos, which are my earliest fox photos, were taken with an Olympus C370. Needless to say, the technical quality of the images is better on the more recent photos, but the 2005 images benefit from being less structured and are certainly the kind of photo that anyone can take with very minimal equipment.

I used PhotoImpact for most of my image processing prior to early 2008 when I moved over to using Photoshop Elements 6. The most recent photos (from 2007) are shot in RAW format, and processed first with the Canon DPP software before being imported as high quality JPEGs into PhotoImpact (now Photoshop Elements 9). I use Neat Image for sharpening (and noise reduction). From late 2011 I've been using Lightroom for processing and most editing.

More galleries are on my stand-alone photography site.

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The Complete Fox of the Day

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