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This is a selection of web-links pointing to sites covering process philosophy and related areas. To help navigation, I've grouped the sites under fairly arbitrary (but hopefully useful) headings. Please e-mail me with sites I've missed or to correct/improve the descriptions.

Also check out the News Page which is regularly updated with news of conferences, calls for papers, books and so forth.

Check back regularly as the list will be updated as I get time.

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  • Center for Process Studies Home of the leading centre for research into the process philosophy of A N Whitehead and Charles Hartshorne. The Center has an excellent on-line resource (some of which is restricted to members), and publishes Process Studies, Process Studies Supplements and Process Perspectives.

  • Australasian Association for Process Thought Excellent site with good on-line resources. The focus of the AAPT is on applied process thought. Also with good links to material on Charles Hartshorne. Publishers of Concrescence.

  • Chapter for Applied Process Thought One of the few British sites looking at Whitehead. This is the home of the Chapter for Applied Process Thought. Currently the site just offers basic information, but it is intended to develop into a strong research resource for applied process philosophy. Conference photo-page

  • European Society for Process Thought Part of the growing European base for studies into Whitehead. Some useful contact information, plus details on European conferences. English/German language site.

  • Society for the Study of Process Philosophies Good academic site, based at Fordham University, USA.

  • Japan Society for Process Studies Good academic site. This is the home of the contextual index of Process and Reality(see below).

  • British Undergraduate Philosophy Society B.U.P.S. is a new national society, run by undergraduate students for undergraduate philosophy students. Its primary aim is to "get students discussing philosophy, visiting conferences and socialising with members of other universities". An annual conference is also planned.


  • Process Studies Home page for Process Studies.

  • Process Studies Supplements The web-based supplement of Process Studies, this is a valuable and growing resource of contemporary writings in process philosophy.

  • Concrescence The Australasian Journal of Process Thought. On-line journal plus good links to material about Whitehead. Latest volume includes John Cobb, Pete Gunter, Mark Dibben, Chris van Haeften, among other contributors from the 2003 St Andrews Conference. Oh, and I have my Organic-ization paper there as well.

  • European Studies in Process Thought Home page of European-based process journal. The site indicates that the journal will be available on-line at some stage. Includes details of editors/contacts.

    On-line texts

  • The Concept of Nature The full text. This is part of the excellent Mead project, which provides on-line texts of a wide range of philosophy-related material.

  • Religion in the Making Full text of the 1926 lecture series published under this title.

  • Symbolism Text of Whitehead's 1927 lectures published under this title.

  • Process Studies. All the feature articles before issue 16:1 are now available on-line.

  • John Cobb on-line texts.

    On-line discussion

  • Process-philosophy mail-list This is the main discussion list devoted to process philosophy. Hosted as part of JISC, this is an essential list for those seriously investigating process philosophy. Extremely active and hugely well informed discussion. I'm the current administrator of the list. In February 2004 a Chat Room facility was added.

  • Process-announce This list publishes announcements on conferences/seminars and related process philosophy activity.

  • Process Forum Launched in January 2004 by the Center for Process Studies, this is an on-line message-board focusing on a range of process/Whitehead related areas.


  • The Contextual Index of Process and Reality Superb on-line resource. This is a detailed index of Whitehead's core text. Essential resource for locating quotes. Note: the link no longer works. If you find an updated version please do let me know.

  • Introduction to Process Good general introduction to process philosophies by Nicholas Rescher. Part of the Stanford University on-line encyclopaedia.

  • Biographical essay Short biographical essay located at St Andrew's University.

  • ANW for the Muddleheaded Richard Lubbock's essay is a useful introduction to Whitehead's thought and its implications.

    Personal Academic Pages

  • Barry Whitney Home of the editor of Process Studies, the leading academic journal in the field. Excellent and user-friendly site with a wide range of philosophical and esoteric interests. Excellent for exploring.

  • Duane Voskuill Home page. The site is very new so expect more developments over time as well as a clear focus towards the work and philosophy of Charles Hartshorne.

  • Michel Weber Home page of the co-editor of European Studies in Process Thought. Includes information on the Whitehead Psychology Network, and, in addition to Whitehead, focuses on William James. Includes several published papers. English/French language site. Excellent Whitehead bibliography.

    Ludwig Feuerbach texts on-line

  • Essence of Christianity Link to the text. Essence is a wonderfully scathing yet sensitive attack on the falsity of religion. It is a key influence of Marx, Nietzsche and Freud.

  • Lectures of Essence... Feuerbach's lectures associated with his main work.

  • Principles of the philosophy of the future Feuerbach's radical call for the reconceptualization of philosophy.

    Ephemera and loosely related sites

  • Philosophy of Art Weblog A group weblog on philosophy of art and its various relationships to mind, ethics, and culture. Worth checking out for current discussions on contempoary philosophy of art.

  • Novelty and Concrescence This is a site established by the late Terence McKenna to discuss the use of 'novelty theory'. It claims a foundation in Whithead's thinking, but is a million miles from what you might expect. Interesting site with some good (non-philosophical) off-shoots. The Novelty section will interest mathematicians as well as process philosophers.

  • Royal Institute of Philosophy This one isn't even loosely related to process, but it's a major-league site and covers a wide range, plus has excellent information on public lectures by leading philosophers.

  • Episteme One of the main philosophy resource sites.

  • TPM The Philosophers' Magazine is a broad-based site with good resources, on-line texts, news, links, and maillists.

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