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This is a basic listing of titles, beginning with core texts by Alfred North Whitehead.

The Related Texts reflect my own reading and shouldn't be taken as anything approaching a definitive
list (the links to process thought are - in some - at best tenuous).
Over time I'll be adding pop-up links to short descriptions and small cover images.

Star ratings reflect a personal view of the importance of the text. No stars = unread.
Publisher details relate to current editions, with original publication date in [square brackets] where relevant.

Links to journals can be found here. Fiction and other reading matter can be found here.

Updated: 21 April 2004

Author Title Publisher year
Whitehead, Alfred North The Organisation of Thought Williams and Norgate 1917
Whitehead, Alfred North An Enquiry Concerning the Principles of Natural Knowledge Cambridge University Press 1919
Whitehead, Alfred North The Concept of Nature Cambridge University Press 1964 [1920]
Whitehead, Alfred North The Principle of Relativity Cambridge UP 1922
Whitehead, Alfred North Science and the Modern World Free Press 1967 [1925]
Whitehead, Alfred North Religion in the Making Fordham UP 1996 [1926]
Whitehead, Alfred North Symbolism: Its Meaning and Effect Fordham UP 1985 [1927]
Whitehead, Alfred North Principia Mathematica Cambridge UP 1929
Whitehead, Alfred North The Aims of Education Free Press 1967 [1929]
Whitehead, Alfred North The Function of Reason Beacon 1958 [1929]
Whitehead, Alfred North Process and Reality, [Corrected Edition. Ed. Griffin, D, R and Sherburne, D, W] Free Press 1978 [1929]
Whitehead, Alfred North Adventures of Ideas Free Press 1967 [1933]
Whitehead, Alfred North Modes of Thought Free Press 1968 [1938]
Whitehead, Alfred North Essays in Science and Philosophy Philosophical Library 1947
Related texts
Bateson, Gregory Mind and Nature: a necessary unity Wildwood House1979
Bracken, Joseph A The One in the Many: a contemporary reconstruction of the God-World Relationship Eerdmans 2001
Buber, Martin On Intersubjectivity and cultural creativity University of Chicago Press 1992
Burgers, J M Experience and Conceptual Activity: A philosophical essay based upon the writings of A. N. Whitehead MIT 1965
Conti, Charles Metaphysical Personalism Clarendon Press 1995
Das, Rasvihary The Philosophy of Whitehead James Clarke and Co 1937
Emmet, Dorothy The Nature of Metaphysical Thinking Macmillan 1961
Emmet, Dorothy The Effectiveness of Causes SUNY 1985
Farrer, Austin Finite and Infinite Dacre Press 1959
Farrer, Austin The Freedom of the Will Greenwood Press 1982 [1960]
Farrer, Austin Faith and Speculation A & C Black 1967
Feuerbach, Ludwig Principles of the Philosophy of the Future Hackett Publishing Company 1986 [1843]
Feuerbach, Ludwig The Essence of Christianity Prometheus Books 1989 [1841]
Ford, Lewis S The Lure of God Fortress Press 1978
Ford, Lewis S Transforming Process Theism SUNY 2000
Griffin, David Ray Unsnarling the World-Knot – Consciousness, Freedom and the Mind-Body Problem University of California 1998
Hart, Ray L Unfinished Man and the Imagination Herder and Herder 1968
Hartshorne, Charles 'Whitehead's Idea of God' Tudor Publishing Company 1951
Jones, Judith A Intensity: An Essay in Whiteheadian Ontology Vanderbilt University Press 1998
Lucas, George R (ed) Hegel and Whitehead: Contemporary Perspective on Systematic Philosophy SUNY 1986
Neville, Robert C Reconstruction of Thinking SUNY 1981
Neville, Robert C (ed) New Essays in Metaphysics SUNY 1987
Neville, Robert C The Highroad around Modernism SUNY 1992
Neville, Robert C Creativity and God: a challenge to process theology SUNY 1995
Nobo, Jorge Luis Whitehead’s Metaphysics of Extension and Solidarity SUNY 1986
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