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Fox Gallery - Climbing Fox May 2008

Foxes are remarkably efficient climbers. They can easily scramble over fences and walls, but they also climb into trees. Their target is usually a bird nest. In this sequence the fox is climbing into some dense hedging to see if he can find a way into the beech trees where birds are nesting. He abandoned this climb, but I have seen foxes in the trees on previous occasions. The top of the hedge is about 5 feet high.

The sequence was photographed with a Canon EOS 400D and EF70-300mm 4.5-5.6 DO IS lens. I used a Canon 430EX flash unit.

fox dog climb 1705088529
fox dog climb 1705088530
fox dog climb 1705088532
fox dog climb 1705088533
fox dog climb 1705088534
fox dog climb 1705088535
fox dog climb 1705088536
fox dog climb 1705088537
fox dog climb 1705088538
fox dog climb 1705088539
fox dog climb 1705088540
fox dog climb 1705088541
fox dog climb 1705088542

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