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Garden Spiders - mating ritual

We are probably (in the UK) all familiar with the common garden spider. We see the webs everywhere, with a modreately large, bulbous spider sitting neatly in the centre. She's the female of the species. Araneus diadematus, to give the correct name.

In mid-September I noticed several occasions when a smaller spider would appear to be mounting an attack on the large female. It would approach on a web and there would be lots of limb waving, with the smaller spider beating a retreat. This is in fact part of the mating process, the smaller spider being the male. His caution is not without purpose. A wrong move and he could be eaten.

The first 6 photos here were taken in the early hours of 14th September 2008. The next 12 shots were taken late in the evening of 17th September. I used the Canon EOS 40D with a Sigma 105mm F2.8 EX DG macro lens. For light I used the Canon 430EX flash unit.

spider x2 1409084994
spider x2 1409084995
spider x2 1409084996
spider x2 1409084997
spider x2 1409084998
spider x2 1409084999
spider x2 1709085476
spider x2 1709085478
spider 1709085482
spider x2 1709085483
spider x2 1709085484
spider x2 1709085489
spider x2 1709085490
spider x2 1709085494
spider x2 1709085498
spider x2 1709085503
spider x2 1709085506
spider x2 1709085511

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