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This index features every photo featured on the Fox of the Day section of the website, from the very earliest photos taken in the summer of 2005.

The pages are chronologically arranged with the latest 'Fox of the Day' here at the beginning. As you trawl through the index you'll see the changes in the old dog fox (he is the fox featured in most of the early photos), and meet cubs from 2005, 2006 and 2007. You'll also see significant changes in photographic technique and 'style' as I move from an Olympus C370 3.2 megapixel point-and-shoot camera (2005), through a Canon S2 IS (2006), to photos taken on a Canon EOS 400D (and from August 2008 the Canon 40D) with a variety of lenses. There are also improvements in my image editing over the period covered. From February 2011 I used Canon 7D, then later a 7D Mark II. Photos from May 2019 have been taken with the 1DX Mark II.

For some reason the foxes proved very evasive in early 2009. At least two foxes were sighted, but I only managed one grabbed shot over virtually the whole of January. So the early 2009 entries show various of the foxes from roughly the same time of year, but in 2008. The situation changed as the year progressed and the series includes numerous sightings of wild foxes (non-urban), as well as the more familiar faces. In September 2012 I introduced a few guest appearances by badgers in response to government proposals to initiate a cull of British badgers.

A note on file names: The file names are mainly in two parts: the first 6 digits represent the day/month/year that the image was posted as a 'Fox of the Day' (ddmmyy). The remaining numbers are the day/month/year/index number of the individual photo. Some of the earlier photos (mainly 2005) lack the year reference before the index number.

Click a thumbnail to start. There are forward and backward buttons, and a slideshow button, on each photo page to the right of the title bar above each picture. The circle with 4 squares in it to the left of the title bar will bring you back to this page.

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