Wash Day Helper


This is another early sequence, taken again in 2006 when we had some very confident young foxes visiting the garden. They would often hang out with us during the afternoon, including this youngster who was fascinated with the regular ritual of hanging out the washing.

can i help with the washing

So there I was hanging out the washing this afternoon,
when this little chap turned up to see if I wanted any help.

hanging up the washing

No problem, I said. And as you can see we soon were making excellent progress.

at the watering hole

To be fair, this is heavy work for one so young, and the cub soon beat a retreat to the bar.

We did a good job

But finally, the washing was all hung out, and
we congratulated ourselves on a job well done.

We did a good job

And as all sensible foxes do after a bit of hard graft,
it’s time for a nap.

Now it's dry

Later… the final task all complete.

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