Well I wasn’t expecting to see a new fox show up, but that’s exactly what happened today. I’ve caught glimpses of him on the trail camera, but haven’t had any direct sightings. Until now, that is.

fox standing at rear of garden looking back

He appeared mid afternoon, scuttling through the garden to the back where he paused, and then edged forward to look down towards us (and in the process allowing me to take a few quick photos). He’s quite distinctive in that his brush lacks a white tip. His face is also quite pale without any black markings. For the moment I’m calling him ‘Point’ (an anagram of ‘No Tip’).

fox standing on step with head turned to one side
fox standing on step looking straight ahead

He looks really healthy, and hopefully he is part of Lopa’s family group as she will need all the help she can get. Fox parenting is complex, but males are generally good parents both as providers of prey and carers of the young cubs. And on that subject, the latest glimpses of Lopa confirm that she’s actively feeding a brood.

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  1. Beautiful fox!!!

    1. Isn’t he lovely. Hopefully he’ll keep coming back and we’ll be able to get to know him a bit better.

  2. A fine-looking fox and as you say, lacking a moustache. Relatively pale socks too.

    1. He’s got a distinctively different look to many of the recent foxes, so maybe some useful new blood in the clan.

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